Cell Salts: 12 Essential Minerals

Schuessler cell salts are the twelve minerals essential to your body’s functions. They include forms of calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, sodium, and silica that work at the cellular level; hence, the name of cell salts. See Cell Salt Descriptions.

Without them you couldn’t think, bend at your joints, stand up straight, digest food, or eliminate toxins. Many health problems experienced today are because of the lack of particular minerals.

Deficiency of one or more of these minerals puts your body out of balance and into “dis-ease,” where your energy drops to nothing; you experience unclear thinking or depression, or may lose emotional balance; therefore these essential minerals help any condition or disease, and can help quickly.

Anyone can buy and use these twelve cell salts, separately or in combination, without fear of toxicity. This includes pregnant or nursing women, old or young alike, those taking medications, and even those using other natural therapies.

Cell salts do not react with medications because they are supplying minerals on a cellular level. They are easily given to children, as most children like the sweet taste. Purchase them individually or all 12 at once to make formulas for your particular conditions. See our website for cell salt articles on specific ailments for these powerful combinations, called Cell Salt Solutions.

Some of the common uses of cell salts include: See all cell salts >

Calcium (3 forms) for bone health, prolapse conditions, hard knots, and digestion (assimilation)
Iron inflammation, iron deficiency, hemochromatosis (iron buildup in the blood), and strength for veins and arteries, inflammation

Potassium (3 forms) for depression, anxiety, nervousness, lung health, mucus problems, nerve health, and skin problems

Magnesium for all types of pain (especially neuralgia), muscle spasms, and heart health
Sodium (3 forms) for digestive power, body water balance (edema or swelling), dry skin, and high body acidity

Silicea for bones, hair loss, skin and fingernail problems

Brief History: Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler, a medical doctor who was born in Germany in the 1800s, learned from the early pioneers of biochemistry about these twelve essential minerals required for cellular health. He developed cell salts homeopathically, while grinding them into milk sugar, so they could be easily taken and assimilated, and used on a cellular level. Healthy cells amount to a healthy person.




My Experience: As a nutritionist, herbalist, and homeopathic practitioner, I found cell salts tended to be overlooked in the English-Speaking world of Homeopathy. After reading a German book about how to see mineral deficiencies on a person’s face, Antlitzdiagnostik by Peter Emmrich, I began to study facial diagnosis. Signs of deficiency can be seen by looking at a person’s face. They are seen in the texture or color of skin, puffiness, dryness, greasiness, lines, moles, or bumps.

I began using cell salts in my practice. The results were astonishing! People began asking for more information, so I wrote the book Facial Diagnosis of Cell Salt Deficiencies. Soon, a local artist sketched faces of what the facial deficiencies would look like for each of the twelve tissue remedies. They are included in The Power of Cell Salts Seminar available in the workbook along with audio recording. You can also find great information in Dave’s new booklet 12 Essential Minerals for Cellular Health.

Since that time, a 6-month practical study was done with our customers, including 63 cases (results coming soon). Comments from participants include:

“I think it made me feel more energetic and mentally balanced. All my white spots in fingernails went away,” writes D. Michel, age 51.

“My face cleared up a lot and that has improved my emotional state. I seem more able to do sports with less problems than I’ve had in the past,” says S. Krohn, age 45.

“I feel healthier and have a better vision of life. The cell salts have helped my
immune system and my digestion,” from D. Scavezze, age 31.

Use: Cell salts may be taken internally, or used externally in crèmes, baths, or sprays. Cell salts are generally used in the 6X potency (strength). There are several manufacturers. I prefer the Hyland’s brand, which are available at most health-food stores. They dissolve within seconds in the mouth, water bottle, bath, or lotion.

Most clients put their tablets into a water bottle and sip it all day. When taken in water, they can even be acceptable by lactose-intolerant people. If the water method is not sufficient for those who are lactose intolerant, there are homeopathic cell salts available in liquid. Cell salts may also be taken straight from the bottle to the mouth. For more information, see 6 Ways to Use Cell Salts.

Experience the power of cell salts for yourself,
to better your condition, or as a tonic
to improve your immune system.

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