Michael Tsarion’s List of authors of eminence speaking about world conspiracy…

List of Names
Winston Churchill (Prime Minister)
Benjamin Disraeli (Prime Minister)
Woodrow Wilson (US President)
George Washington (US President)
John Quincy Adams (US President)
J. Edgar Hoover (FBI Director)
Whiting Willauer (Ambassador)
Chester Ward (Admiral)
J. Edgar Hoover (FBI Director)
J. F. C. Fuller (General)
Erich von Ludendorff (General)
James Gritz (Luitenant Col.)
Smedley Butler (Maj. General)
Fletcher Prouty (Colonel)
Oleg Penkovskiy (Colonel)
Ted Gunderson (Chief of FBI)
Guy Carr (Captain)
John DeCamp (Senator)
Gary Allen (Senator)
Arthur Spiridovich (Russian Count)
Carroll Quigley (Eminent Historian)
James Billington (Eminent Historian)
Anthony Sutton (Eminent Historian)
Nicholas Hagger (Eminent Historian)
Lyndon Larouche/Tarpley (Congressman)
John Robinson (Professor)
Jason Jorgani (Professor)
Joseph Willard (Harvard President)
Arnold Toynbee (Eminent Historian)
Ezra Pound (World Renowned Poet)
Avro Manhattan (English Baron, Knight of Malta)
Phyllis Schlafly (Multi-published Conservative author)
Rudolf Steiner (Philosopher)
A. E. Waite (Occult Expert)
Aldous Huxley (Eminent Whistleblower)
George Orwell (Eminent Whistleblower)
H. L. Mencken (Eminent Whistleblower)
Whittiker Chambers (Eminent Whistleblower)
Stanton Evans (Eminent Whistleblower)
Yuri Besmenov (KGB)
Carroll Reece (US Congressman)
Norman Dodd (Aid to Carroll Reese)
John Stockwell (CIA)
John Loftus (CIA)
A. K. Chesteron
G. Edward Griffin
Dan Smoot
James Perloff
John Stormer
H. G. Wells
Bertrand Russell
Nesta Webster
Arthur Koestler
Lady Queensborough
David Rockefeller
Katherine Graham
Giuseppe Mazzini
Paul Warburg

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