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Astrological Tonics: Cell Salts for Homeopathic Healing

Cell Salts are minerals that have been compounded into pellets and serve the body as tonics to the organs, including the brain and the heart. They have biochemical effects which are used up in the complex chemical reactions of the cells. Cell salts are safe for children, pregnant women, and elders. Most health food stores sell them for a relatively inexpensive price. These naturally occurring minerals each pertain to a different sign of the zodiac– as was discovered through study by homeopathy and astrology.

Each of the signs constitutes a whole person, whether by personal astrological chart or DNA of our bloodline that may be infused with the influences of these signs. People born under different signs are more (or less) prone to specific ailments based on this. For instance an Aries or Aries-influenced person (as the 1st sign of the zodiac) may be prone to headaches. I have Aries as my rising sign, and as an already mental Aquarius, so I am likely to experiences a few headaches in a month. It is something I have been dealing with for quite some time and have gotten better at healing. Another example is the sign Virgo (the 6th sign of the zodiac) is liable to suffer from intestinal difficulties. Due to these likelihoods, cell salts promise to target the different issues that may afflict us at any moment. Furthermore, the cell salts that we take do not have to apply particularly to our signs but the dis-eases that may be affecting us. Understanding this, we can also understand how we can use our knowledge of these issues to study the astrological signs to also understand what qualities we need to implement into our lives for spiritual, emotional, and mental well-being, along with the physical.

Usually if we are having emotional, mental, or spiritual issues, we can look into our moon sign and further use that sign’s cell salt to bring balance back into our lives. Through personal study and aiding the healing process of my loved ones, I have come to find that the lunar sign cell salt is a very beneficial choice when deciding between what salt to start with first. Moreover, when a specific health problem presents itself, it is good to take the cell salt for that issue along with the moon sign cell salt. As always, it is wise that we trust our intuition to make the final decision about these things as the healing process is different for everybody.

Below I will outline the different cell salts and how they correspond to the astrological signs.


Aries: Kali Phos/Potassium Phosphate- Aries rules the internal, external, and structural parts of the brain and head. Kali Phos is great for headaches, insomnia, depression, irritability, hysteria, and memory problems.

TaurusNat Sulph/Sodium Sulfate- Taurus rules the throat, tonsils, thyroid, metabolic system, and lower jaw. Nat Sulph is good for colds, sore throats, digestive problems, sluggishness, gall stones, tiredness, the kidneys, jaundice, asthma, and constipation.

GeminiKali Mur/Potassium Chloride- Gemini rules the lungs, bronchial trees, shoulders, arms, hands, and the central nervous system. Kali Mur works wonders for bones, excessive mucus, swollen glands, inflammation, and tonsillitis.

CancerCalc Fluor/Calcium Fluoride- Cancer rules the breasts, body fluids, mucus membranes, and stomach. Calc Fluor is good for the hard tissue of the body, teeth, bones, fingernails, eyes, and the elastic fibers of the muscle tissue. It helps to treat malnutrition of the bones. 

Leo: Mag Phos/Magnesium Phosphate- Leo rules the heart, upper back, diaphragm, and cardiac system. Mag Phos is beneficial for prevention of heart attacks, cramps, convulsions, spasms, paralysis, menstrual cramps, headaches, neuralgia, and acute asthma attacks. It is an amazing anti-pain salt.

VirgoKali Sulph/Potassium Sulphate- Virgo rules the small intestines, the spleen, and the lower alimentary system. Kali Sulph is a good cell salt for improving the body’s ability to take up nutrition. It is also great for oxygenating the skin, therefore it is good for eczema, dandruff, psoriasis, and any diseases that cause rash or scaling to the skin.

LibraNat Phos/Sodium Phosphate- Libra rules the kidneys, the lower back, and the acidic/alkaline balance of the body. Nat Phos is essential for maintaining balance of the acidity and alkalinity of the body. Furthermore, it is good for kidney stones, ulcers, stomach acidity, and mental imbalance due to emotional upheaval.

ScorpioCalc Sulph/Calcium Sulphate- Scorpio rules the sex organs, colon, large intestine, eliminative channels, and the prostate gland. Calc Sulph is extraordinary for protective coating to these organs. Moreover, it provides its use for boils, skin eruptions, chronic constipation, impotence, fistula, and diarrhea. 

SagittariusSilica- Sagittarius rules the liver, hips, thighs, sciatic nerve, and autonomic nervous system. Silica is good for hair, teeth, bones, the lens of the eye, splinters, abscesses, and scars.

CapricornCalc Phos/Calcium Phosphate- Capricorn rules the skeletal system, knees, joints, gallbladder, and the skin. Calc Phos is imperative for rickets, curvature of the spine, tooth decay, and gastric digestive function.

Aquarius: Nat Mur/Natrum Muriaticum- Aquarius rules the blood and circulation, the ankles, spinal cord, and the electrical force of the nerves. Nat Mur is good for watery colds, dryness or excessive salivation of the mouth, constipation, malaria, herpes, watery blisters, sleeplessness, and speech problems.

PiscesFerrum Phos/Iron Phosphate- Pisces rules the lymphatic system and the feet. Ferrum Phos is good for healthy red blood cell production, anemia, nervousness, sensitivity, and oxygen distribution to the organs and tissues. 

Like us, cell salts are essential to a healthy and holistic approach to healing. We are all constituents essential to our progress.

You are a great part of the whole.


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